Saturday, 23 March 2013


Guinness Book of Records reports that Lee Redmond, from Salt Lake City (USA) ownes the longest fingernails in the world. She hadn’t cut nails since 1979. The total length of the nails is 8.65 meters (28.3 ft), the measurement was held in 2008 in Madrid (Spain). So it took her almost 30 years (!) to grow the longest fingernails in the world.
But on February 10, 2009, Lee had an accident. She was riding in her SUV and got into an accident, Lee stayed alive, but the most important damage was the she had lost longest fingernails! There is no doubt that it was a great tragedy for her. The Guinness Book editors brought their condolences, because this woman took part in the culture of the book, she was a  part of the history.

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